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Service Schedule:

Sunday Morning : Bible Study – 9:00am
                             Worship Service – 10:00am
Wednesday Evening: Bible Study and Prayer – 6:00pm

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“Our family’s heart & soul is to direct people to the Glory of God.”

Thank you for stopping by. Southwest Baptist is filled with great group of people. Our desire to serve God with all our heart, soul and strength, so we would love to connect with you. We would love to share the great truths of scripture, so that you too may be able to grow in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

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Loving our City
Loving our Church



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March 2022

The hand of the Lord part 2 Ezra 8

“The hand of the Lord part 2 Ezra 8”.

February 2022

The Good hand of the Lord – Part 1 Ezra 7

“The Good hand of the Lord – Part 1 Ezra 7”.

Consider Your Ways Ezra 5

“Consider Your Ways Ezra 5”.

January 2022

Actions and Reactions Ezra 4

“Actions and Reactions Ezra 4”.

Choice and Challenges Ezra 3

“Choice and Challenges Ezra 3”.

God has Created You for a Purpose

“God has Created You for a Purpose”.

Rise Up and Build

“Rise Up and Build”.

December 2021

The Delay

“The Delay”.

The Announcement

“The Announcement”.

November 2021

GIVING THANKS – Financially

“GIVING THANKS – Financially”.



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