Creative discipleship program

Developing healthy spiritual habits is a crucial step toward spiritual growth for every follower of Christ. The Word of Life Creative Discipleship program is designed to reward students as they develop habits of spiritual discipline while strengthening their relationship with Christ.


“If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed.” John 8:31



SSM Purpose statement

Southwest Baptist Church Student Ministry exists to direct teenagers to know and glorify God, and then develop a love for and commitment to Him.  We want to guide students to finding Biblical truth, positive friendships, and spiritual maturity.  In this way, our teens can be encouraged in their faith and equipped to share the gospel in our community.


First steps

  1. Join us on a Wednesday night!
  1. Read about the Creative Discipleship Program and learn how to earn points for the spiritual habits you develop!  
  1. Watch the video each week, and fill in the student notes and discussion questions.  These are the starting point for our small group discussions on Wednesday nights!
  1. Download the Quizlet app.  This is used for the memory verse lists.  Once you have an account, search for WOLLCM.  Then find the KJV lists and start memorizing!
  1. Receive your Quiet Time journal and start growing every day!