January 2022

Rise Up and Build

“Rise Up and Build”.

December 2021

The Delay

“The Delay”.

The Announcement

“The Announcement”.

November 2021

GIVING THANKS – Financially

“GIVING THANKS – Financially”.

Giving Thanks – Through Music Part 2

“Giving Thanks – Through Music Part 2”.

Giving Thanks – Through Music

“Giving Thanks – Through Music”.

Giving Thanks – God’s Worth Worshipping

“Giving Thanks – God’s Worth Worshipping”.

October 2021

Noice Re-calibration – rejoice in the Lord

“Noice Re-calibration – rejoice in the Lord”.

Noise Re-calibration – Addressing Your Thoughts

“Noise Re-calibration – Addressing Your Thoughts”.

I will Build Through Gospel Minded Ministry

“I will Build Through Gospel Minded Ministry”.